The nature of my job forces me to build quick simple sample applications that are easy to understand and demonstrate a single concept.  After all I am trying to enable developers, and making something overly complex generally turns developers off when they are trying to learn something new.  However I often hear questions about how… Read More

Drones have been getting a lot of attention lately for both good and bad reasons.  Regardless of what the reason may be the bottom line is there are a lot of untapped uses for drones. Everything from delivering your online packages to helping first responders at the scene of an accident.  Whatever the use case… Read More

If you logged into Bluemix late last week you might have noticed some changes.  Probably the biggest change you might have noticed is that the IBM Containers service has moved out of beta and is now generally available.  If you are not familiar with the IBM Container service in Bluemix let me spend a minute describing… Read More

In my previous blog post I showed how to setup a deployment pipeline in IBM DevOps Services for a Maven project.  The problem with that pipeline was that while the deployment is happening your application is unavaialable.  Obviously in a production situation this is unacceptable, we need our application to be available 100% of the… Read More