As I have blogged about in the past, the Bluemix Cloud Connectors project is a Java library you can use to easily access service credentials and obtain high-level Java objects to work with various services in Bluemix. Today I updated the project to add support for two new services in Bluemix, the IBM Graph DB service, and the Object Storage service.

Right now, only the snapshot builds contain support for these services. I will be pushing a build to the central Maven repository once I am confident the new code is stable. See the README in the Bluemix Cloud Connectors project for information on where to find the snapshot builds.

There are also a couple of differences in the way these services work compared to some of the other services in the project. First, the IBM Graph DB service does not have a Java SDK so the Bluemix Cloud Connectors project cannot provide you with a high level Java object to work with in your code. You can use the cloud connectors project to get the service credentials for the service so you can then make the necessary REST calls from your app. Secondly, the Object Storage service requires additional information besides the normal username, password, and API URL typical services use. When using the Object Storage service you also need the domain name and project for your service instance. This does not pose much of an issue when running your app in Bluemix, however there is a “gotcha” when it comes to running your app locally. In order to provide this information in a URL format for the local config, the Object Storage support expects it to be in the path parameters of the URL. For more information about supporting these two new services please see the README.

As always feedback is welcome, feel free to leave comments below, or create issues in the project on GitHub.

Ryan J Baxter

Husband, Father, Software Engineer