IBM InterConnect, IBM’s cloud and mobile conference, is about a month away at this point.  At this years event there is a mini developer focused event called Dev@InterConnect.  It is kind of like a conference inside a conference in that it is 2 days of all developer focused topics.  The first day consists of different “camps”.  There are camps on cloud, mobile, Watson, and DevOps.  On day two there will be what we are calling “Open Talk” sessions.  The Open Talk sessions will be run like an unconference.  The main idea behind an unconference is that there is no preplanned agenda.  The agenda is built the day the conference starts.  People propose topics for sessions and then the attendees decide which ones they would like to hear.  This year I proposed an Open Talk session on microservices and how microservices relates to agile development, devops, and the cloud.  Below is the title and abstract of my session

Microservices: Sitting At The Intersection Of Agile Development, Devops, and the Cloud

For years now we have been to conferences, read blogs, and watched numerous webcasts telling us how we should be practicing Agile Development, using DevOps, and deploying to the Cloud.  While everyone agrees on the benefits of practicing these techniques and using the technologies associated with them, in reality it is much harder than it seems.  One of the reasons we struggle has to do with the way our applications are architected, monolithic applications just don’t lend themselves to these practices.  In this session we will take a look at why monoliths have prevented you from changing your development practices and how microservices can help.


If you have no idea what microservices are than this is your chance to learn, but I need your help!  This being an Open Talk, I need enough votes in order for my session to be selected and given at Dev@InterConnect.  Voting is easy, click on the link below, sign up for an account, and rate my abstract.  It only takes a minute to do, and I would really appreciate it.

Microservices: Sitting At The Intersection Of Agile Development, Devops, and the Cloud

Ryan J Baxter

Husband, Father, Software Engineer