Tomorrow I will be heading out to Grand Rapid MI to attend and speak at MWLUG (Midwest Lotus User Group).  If you are attending and would like to learn more about Bluemix, IBM’s new platform for deploying applications to the cloud, be sure to stop by my session at 11AM on Thursday.

Achieving Developer Nirvana With Codename BlueMix

BlueMix is a platform for composing and running virtually any application in the cloud without having to worry about the hardware, software, and networking needed to do so. This means that developers can be left to do what they do best….CODE! By eliminating the need to deal with the infrastructure typically required to deploy an app to the cloud, and providing a catalog packed with services from IBM and its partners, BlueMix allows developers to get their apps in the hands of their users with the lightening speed, quality and innovation their users demand. It doesn’t matter if your next app is targeting web, mobile, or the internet of things, you too can achieve developer nirvana with BlueMix, and it all starts by attending this session!

Unlike most of the other sessions at the conference, mine is not directly related to IBM Collaboration Solutions, however I do have a nice surprise to tie things back to the ICS community.  There is no reason why you can’t deploy applications to Bluemix that use products from ICS 😉  I am not going to give you the details here, you have to come to my session to find out!!!

Ryan J Baxter

Husband, Father, Software Engineer