DevOps Services For BlueMix

You may have noticed the JazzHub DevOps service in the BlueMix catalog as you have been poking around.  If you have not played around with it yet I suggest you get to it!

IBM DevOps Services is a place where you can collaborate with others to develop, track, plan and deploy software.

Using the auto-deploy feature in JazzHub you can easily deploy your project to BlueMix on every commit, in other words it allows you to practice continuous integration and delivery.  It takes about 1 minute to enable once you have your project created.  Below is a video demonstrating how to use JazzHub to deploy your app to the cloud using BlueMix.  As I mention in this video, it is very important that you have a manifest.yml file for your project.  More information about how to construct and use manifests can be found in the Cloud Foundry documentation.

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