Last year at Lotusphere 2012 (now know as Connect) we held the inaugrial Social App Throwdown.  It was a huge success both from an IBM and partner point of view.  IBM got to demonstrate the powers of its social business platform and select partners got to demonstrate their apps on the main stage at Lotusphere.

This year we will be bringing back the Social App Throwdown and we are hoping to make it bigger and better.  The Throwdown will be open to everyone who attends Connect 2013.  All you have to do is build social applications which leverages any or all products in IBM’s social business platform.  Obviously the more integration you can show across the portfolio the better the app.  There will be no requirements from a technology point of view, the technology is up to you.  More details on the session will be coming in the near future, but it is never to early to start thinking about what you want to build.  Feel free to reach out to me to let me know if you are interested in participating this year, I would be happy to help get your idea off the ground!

Ryan J Baxter

Husband, Father, Software Engineer