In a about a week I am going to be heading to Pittsburgh to attend MWLUG.   This is going to be my first LUG, so I am super excited about going, listening to the sessions and talking with everyone about Social Business.  I am going to be giving an application development session on OpenSocial.  As most of you know, OpenSocial will be one of the key technologies developers can leveraged in Notes and Domino Social Edition as well as Connections Next, so I will be prepping all you application developers on the cool stuff you will be able to do as well as giving some demos of some real applications working in both products.  I am picturing this being more of an introductory session, but I am thinking of spending the first quater of it doing demos of how we use the technologies internally before moving on to how you can do the same.  Plus I figured a majority of the attendees probably have not seen Notes and Domino Social Edition or Connections Next yet so I don’t want to jump into OpenSocial without baselining everyone first.  Anyways if anyone attending MWLUG has topics you want me to cover or want to ask me indepth questions about anything related to OpenSocial, Notes and Domino Social Edition, or Connections Next let me know.

Ryan J Baxter

Husband, Father, Software Engineer