This week I got back from a small conference in Boulder CO and while I was out there I thought to myself “Why do I always have to go out west to a conference, why not have one on the east coast?”.  So I thought about taking the initiative and seeing if I can gather enough interest from people to make it worth my time.  I am willing to do all the leg work I just want to make sure I can get enough quality speakers and attendees.  I have already put some “feelers” out on some of the mailing lists I belong to and have gotten a number of responses already, which is very encouraging.  I am not thinking of making this anything huge, probably a 1 day conference with a few sessions, and possibly some kind of activity later in the evening, but if there is enough demand than I can certainly expand it.  I am looking for sessions on open standards like, OAuth, OpenSocial, OpenID, ActivityStreams, CMIS, etc but I am also open to other ideas.  I think the fall will be a good time to have a conference because it SHOULDN’T be to cold yet, I am targeting September 2012.  So if you are interested feel free to leave a comment or find me on Twitter, @ryanjbaxter and let me know!

Ryan J Baxter

Husband, Father, Software Engineer