If you have been following my tweets and some of my blog posts, then you have noticed I have become involved with the OpenSocial foundation.  At Lotusphere, IBM annouced in the next versions of all our Lotus products we will begin to leverage several open standards, one of those being OpenSocial.  In fact LotusLive already uses OpenSocial gadgets today.  I personally have been working on contributing a new feature to OpenSocial called embedded experiences.  If you were at Lotusphere or have taken a look at the Social Business Toolkit you know that embedded experiences is a feature we (Lotus) will be leveraging throughout our product line.  However we are implementing it in the open, as part of the OpenSocial 2.0 specification.  However this is not the only proposal IBM has been working on for OpenSocial 2.0 there are several others as well.  There are actually 4 separate proposals that  my team is working on.  Other teams throughout IBM are working on other proposals as well.  The 4 proposals my team is working on are action/selection contributions, OpenSearch, open sites, and embedded experiences.  (If you are an Eclipse plugin developer, and I know most people who follow my blog are, the action/selection contributions proposal should remind you of how action and selection contributions work in Eclipse.)  Today my team posted several demo videos of how these proposals will work in OpenSocial.  I encorage everyone who is a Lotus customer, regardless of the product you use, to go and check out these proposals because we will be leveraging these proposals and all of the OpenSocial spec in future product releases. Here are demo videos for each of the above proposals.  You can click on the links above the videos to open them in a new tab.

Action/Selection Contributions

[gigya src=http://docs.opensocial.org/download/attachments/4358369/selection_actions_declarative2.swf]


[gigya src=http://docs.opensocial.org/download/attachments/4358536/opensearch.swf]

Open Sites

[gigya src=http://docs.opensocial.org/download/attachments/4358377/2011-04-12-OpenGadgetAPIs.swf]

Embedded Experiences

[gigya src=http://docs.opensocial.org/download/attachments/1245611/EE_Demo.swf]

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