So I am back from my vacation.  It went well, I enjoyed the cruise.  While I enjoyed it I probably won’t be going on a cruise for a while now.  I would rather go somewhere else instead of being on a boat.  I have yet to take a vacation out west so I think thats where I would like to go next.  Although I think the next vacation I go on will be my honeymoon :)  Check out my pictures from my vacation here.

Today was my first day at our new Littleton offices.  It didn’t go that bad, although I am still having a little trouble finding my way around but for the most part it was ok.  Not nearly as bad as finding things in Westford.  It did snow pretty good today which did not make things any easier.  Nothing major happened while I was gone which is both good and bad.  I have been trying to think of some real life samples that would show how to use our APIs?  Any ideas or thoughs?


Ryan J Baxter

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