You may have not found this years OGS to be the best OGS ever, however if you are a developer there were some key take aways that should have made your ears perk up.  You probably heard the words “Open Standards”, “IBM Social Business Toolkit”, and “Embedded Experiences” repeated several times during the OGS.  (You… Read More

Last night I met up with Mikkel Heisterberg and Mat Newman at Lotusphere.  I quickly realized I was in for a long night of bashing about what they hate about plugin development for Notes, and Expeditor in general.  (Of course it was all in good fun and they had a lot of great feedback, but… Read More

With Lotusphere coming up in about a month now, Project Vulcan will surely be a hot topic again this year.  There is at least one session dedicated to Project Vulcan.  If you need to refresh your memory on what Project Vulcan REALLY is, than I sugest you watch this video.  I would be interested in hearing if… Read More

It’s offical, I will be going to Lotusphere 2011 this January.  This will be my second Lotusphere, last year being my first.  Last year I was working in the lab, and I am sure I will be there again this year as well, but this year I will also be giving a session on plugin… Read More